Afgangen fra Grenå - Anholt 22.01.18 senere lægges til kl 13.00.p.g.a teknisk vedlige hold

Grundet forventet middel vindstyrke på 17 m/sek, sejler færgen ikke idag.

Generelt for sejlads i dårligt vejr:
Ved middel vindstyrke på 18 m/sek. eller derover indstilles al sejlads.
Ved middel vindstyrke 16-18 m/sek. Kan aflysning forventes.

Welcome toGrenaa-Anholt Ferry Services

A visit to the island of Anholt is often equal to a trip with M/F Anholt.
It takes about three hours to sail between the mainland and the Kattegat-island, located midway between Denmark and Sweden.

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Sailing list

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Sailing list

Anholt – the island of particulars

The island of Anholt - the most isolated small society of a Danish island - is situated between Sweden and Denmark. Already on board the ferry, you will feel how calmness gets a hold on you. The nature and the inhabitants of Anholt have adapted themselves to the fact that there is a sea as far as the eye can reach, irrespective of the direction in with you see.

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