Normal operation – The ferry sails today from Anholt at 08.00 – from Grenaa at 11.30 – from Anholt at 14.45 – from Grenaa at 18.15

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A visit to the island of Anholt is often equal to a trip with M/F Anholt.
It takes about three hours to sail between the mainland and the Kattegat-island, located midway between Denmark and Sweden.

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Sailing list

Anholt – the island of particulars

The island of Anholt - the most isolated small society of a Danish island - is situated between Sweden and Denmark. Already on board the ferry, you will feel how calmness gets a hold on you. The nature and the inhabitants of Anholt have adapted themselves to the fact that there is a sea as far as the eye can reach, irrespective of the direction in with you see.

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Photo: Carsten Lundager

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Special tours to Anholt Offshore Wind Farm with M/F Anholt

Take on a group trip with the Anholt Ferry, and come to one of the largest and most exciting construction sites in Denmark: Anholt Sea Wind Park. It's a four hours trip, and there are plenty of opportunity to present your own presentations etc., as well as catering can be arranged on both ways.

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