P.g.a. vejret er begge afgangene fredag d. 21.09.18 aflyst, der sejles lørdag d. 22.09.18 i stedet. Klik for at læse mere.

P.g.a. vejret er afgangen fra Anholt fredag den 21.09.18 kl. 08.00 og afgangen fra Grenaa kl. 13.00 aflyst.
Til gengæld sejler vi fra Anholt lørdag den 22.09.18 kl. 09.00 og fra Grenaa kl. 13.00.

Welcome toGrenaa-Anholt Ferry Services

A visit to the island of Anholt is often equal to a trip with M/F Anholt.
It takes about three hours to sail between the mainland and the Kattegat-island, located midway between Denmark and Sweden.

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Sailing list

Anholt – the island of particulars

The island of Anholt - the most isolated small society of a Danish island - is situated between Sweden and Denmark. Already on board the ferry, you will feel how calmness gets a hold on you. The nature and the inhabitants of Anholt have adapted themselves to the fact that there is a sea as far as the eye can reach, irrespective of the direction in with you see.

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