Experience Anholt The island of particulars

The island of Anholt - the most isolated small society of a Danish island - is situated between Sweden and Denmark. Already on board the ferry, you will feel how calmness gets a hold on you. The nature and the inhabitants of Anholt have adapted themselves to the fact that there is a sea as far as the eye can reach, irrespective of the direction in with you see.

Therefore, the society functions in an unspoiled, harmonius balace as it has done for generations.

The approx. 150 inhabitants can look after themselves and thus the island has its own school, post office, doctor and vicar. Irrespective of wheter you search being together or loneliness, the key words of a visit to Anholt are: absorbtion, nature and particulars.

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Anholt is the attraction– stress is an unknown word

We mind the very unique nature scenario of the island and as a very special and rare quality, the island is kept clear of organised tourist entertainment. And in spite of this - or maybe due to this fact - large experiences are waiting for you.

There is plenty of space for enjoying the sun and a dive along the stretch of coast of about 25 kilometres, in a free and easy manner. Many things can be explored on the almost 22 square kilometres - walking, you see, as there is a fascinating prohibition of driving on most of the island.

Yachts, fishing vessels and boats also frequently visit the fishing hamlet. During summer, the restaurants are open and throughout the year you can buy a large range of fish and shellfish.


A characteristic of the island is the large population af common seal.

Actually, Anholt is one of the largest and most important resorts af seals in Europe and likewise, there is a small population of grey seals.
At Totten, a reserve of seals has been established where the seals - unique for Denmark - are visible at close quarters from land.

Earlier, the seals contributed to ensuring the survival of the inhabitants of the island. Today, they are subject to extensive research, and in this context some seals are equipped with satelite equipment, in order that researchers can map their behaviour patterns.

The nature island of Anholt – the location which you will never forget

The vast part of Anholt is preserved and appointed as a habitat and bird protected area in conformity with the EU directive Natura 2000.

The island has three types of landscape: glacial landscape, coast scenery with beach ridges and stretches of dunes. The unique nature is tremendously many-sided: it holds both the flat landscape and the dramatic dunes. The very fertile and the wild desert.

The desert

The most remarkable nature of the island is the desert, Ørkenen, which consist of dunes and areas of moor, and it is the largest moor of lichen in Northern Europe.

3-400 different species of lichen grow in Anholt. The desert was formed as a consequence of the population´s felling in the seventeenth century, where timber and wood were wanted for heating, tar boiling and running of the bascule light of the island.

There is public admission to Ørkenen, which is today subject to gentle nature preservation.