M/F Anholt was built by Moen-Slip A/S, Norway and put on the service in March 2003.

Number of passengers:  95 - 244.
Speed:  12,5 knot
Length:  48 metres
Width:  11,4 metres

Sailing in bad weather

At average wind speed of 18 m / sec or above, all sailing is set.
At average wind speed of 16-18 m / sec, cancellation can be expected.

Sailing at abnormal water levels

In case of increased or decreased water level in Anholt harbour, cancellations may occur.

If the water level is elevatede, there will be a risk of cancelleation of departures at 0.80 meters above normal level and above.

Forecast for Anholt

If sailing is set

If sailing is cancelled the ferry will always sail the next day, if the cause for the cancellation has been fixed, regardless of departures in the sailing list.


Wi-Fi is available on the ferry. See password on poster in the Café.

Photo: Carsten Lundager

How you get to the ferry

Regardless of whether you are by car, by train or maybe coming from Sweden - there is help when you plan your trip to Anholt.

You are welcome to call 86 32 36 00 or send us an email, if you have any questions about, how to get to and from the ferry.

Remember to plan with the current meeting times, otherwise your reservation will be cancelled. See the meeting times here

With car

There are free, monitored parking spaces right next to the ferry termial at the address: Færgevej 1, 8500 Grenaa

Take a look at the parking options here

If you want to park your car in Grenaa for a long time, you can contact Poul Møller on tel. 86 33 23 04 or at
You can also book sleepover at Klintegaardens Bed and Breakfast.

Driving directions to Grenaa-Anholt Færgefart, Stenaterminalen, Færgevej 1, Grenaa, take a look at

Transport at Anholt, take a look at Anholt Trucking Business Business and Anholt Taxi

Train and bus

There are bus- and train connections from Aarhus, as well as bus connections from Randers and Ebeltoft to Grenaa Traffic Terminal.
Find current departures at

The distance from the Grenaa Traffic Terminal to the Grenaa-Anholt Ferry is about. 3.5 km.

There is a city bus from Grenaa Traffic Terminal to the Grenaa-Anholt ferry terminal (Kattegatcentret/havnen), see current departures at