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Seat booking

Passengers: Seat booking are necessary throughout the year.

Vehicles: Bookings are only possible for cars and motorcycles belonging to the residents of Anholt, vehicles with commercial activities in Anholt and registrered vehicles for disabled persons.


The ticket must be paid with a credit card at the time of reservation no matter when you are travelling. The ticket is only valid for the reserved departure.

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Tickets can be changed and canceled up to 24 hours before departure. You can change the booking yourself online, or call the office if you need assistance, where a fee of DKK 100,- is charged.
The Company is not obliged to replace lost tickets.

Time of appearance

Passagengers in the period 12.06 - 13.08 and at holidays
30 min. prior to planned departure.

For the rest of the year 15 min. prior to planned departure.

45 min. prior to planned departure throughout the year.

If the time of appearance is not met, the booking will automatically expire.

Crossing at one´s own risk

Photo: Carsten Lundager

Hand luggage

Luggage must have a limited lot - max. 40 kilos per person.

Eg following are not luggage: larger music instruments, garden furniture, garden- and other tools, building materials, removal boxes and bear/ beverage in boxes. For these items you must fill in a consignment note at the office and deliver the goods in our warehouse. See sign with opening hours at the warehouse.

Photo: Carsten Lundager

Responsibility of the shipping company

We refer to the EU Regulation concerning the rights of passengers (see the poster on board). The responsibility of the shipping company is limited pursuant to the regulations of the Danish Merchant Shipping Act (Søloven). Reservations are made as to changes of hours and prices.