Transport conditions

1. Reservations:
Passengers: Reservation is required throughout the year.
Vehicles: Bookings are only received for cars and motorcycles belonging to the residents of Anholt, vehicles that are fully or partially registered for commercial driving and which have a business assignment in connection with the specific crossing to Anholt, and registered disability vehicles.

2. Payment:
The ticket is payable at the time of booking with credit cards and the booking is valid for reserved departure only.

3. Change / refund:
Tickets can be changed and canceled up to 24 hours before departure. You can change the booking yourself online, or call the office if you need assistance, where a fee of DKK 100,- is charged.
The Company is not obliged to replace lost tickets.

4. Meeting time:
Passengers in the period 08.06 - 10.08: 30 min. before scheduled departure. Rest of the year 15 min. before scheduled departure.
Vehicles and bicycles, pushchairs and strollers:
Bicycles, pushchairs and strollers: 30 min. before scheduled departure all year.
Vehicles: 45 min. before scheduled departure all year.
If the meeting time is not observed, the reservation will be cancelled automatically.

5. Hand luggage:
Up to 40 kg of luggage (bag / suitcase) can be included free of charge. Any additional luggage will be charged as freight, which is paid by contacting the office. Transfer is at your own risk.

6. The Company's liability for each passenger cannot exceed the tariffs of the applicable maritime law.

7. Liability for delay in the carriage of passengers shall not exceed 4,150 SDRs, cf. The Maritime Act § 422, points 1.2.

8. The Company's liability for losses because of lost luggage, damage, or delay must, cf. The Maritime Act § 422, point 2. not exceed:

a. SDR 1,800 per passenger for losses that apply to hand luggage, including that which is in or on the vehicle.

b. 10,000 SDRs per vehicle for loss which applies to the vehicle.

c. 2,700 SDRs per passenger for losses that apply to other luggage, including self-inscribed luggage, bicycles and mopeds that are not carried on the vehicle.

9. In accordance with section 423 of the Maritime Law, the Company reserves the right to make deductions up to 20 SDRs per possible claim in any compensation claims in case of losses due to delay.

10. The Company is not responsible for loss of or damage to money, securities and other valuables such as silver, gold, watches, jewels, jewelery and other art objects, cf. The Maritime Act § 419, point 2.

11. The Company is not responsible for damage to person, cabin and luggage in the time prior to boarding / boarding or after boarding / disembarking, cf. § 431 of the Maritime Act, even if damage or loss is due to errors or neglect of the company or anyone responsible for it.

12. When the SDR is mentioned above, this means special drawing rights as used by the International Monetary Fund, cf. The Maritime Act § 152 point 2.
One SDR per mid-February 2001 amounts to approx. 10.50

13. Claims for damages against the Company are obsolete if lawsuit against the Company has not started within 2 years from the day when the passenger and / or luggage was shipped, or if goods were lost, since within 2 years from the day the transfer should have taken place, cf. § 501 of the Maritime Act. 1, points 3 and 4.

14. The Company assumes no responsibility for luggage, including hand luggage or other effects which may have been lost on the ship or its places of arrival.

15. The Company is not liable for live animals that a passenger carries as luggage, even if damage or loss is due to errors or neglect of the Company or someone responsible for cf. §431 of The Maritime Act point 3. However, this does not apply to damage to live animals transported as ordinary goods, such as cattle for slaughter and the like.

16. If a claim for compensation is made against the master, officers, crew, clerk or others for which the Company is responsible, the person or persons are entitled to invoke the same disclaimers and limitations that the Company can claim, cf. § 171-173 of The Maritime Act.

17. Notification of any personal injury and damage to motor vehicles, luggage etc. as well as any complaints must be addressed to the captain of the ship (the bridge of command) before leaving the ship. Any claims against the Company are addressed in writing. It is expected that passengers stay informed about changes in the sailing schedule, also on the actual travel day. In the event of changes to sailing time or cancellations, all affected passengers will be contacted at the telephonenumber provided at the time of the booking.

18. For vehicles used for the carriage of goods and for the transport of goods in general, including passenger buses and coaches, the provisions of § 13 of the Maritime Act, and in particular the provisions of § 274-280, apply. The Company disclaims / limits its liability as far as possible in accordance with the provisions of the Maritime Act.

19. Goods and motor vehicles that before or after the transfer are left unaccompanied at berth, are solely at the owner’s risk. The transfer will happen as soon as possible when space conditions and time allow.

20. Smoking and the use of open fire, on the car deck or in the motor vehicles on board, are prohibited for the sake of the fire hazard.

21. The Company is not responsible for any irregularities in its operations and reserves the right to make changes to the timetable and fares without notice.

22. Furthermore, the maritime law in force at any time applies.

23. As from 1st of february 2022, face masks or shields is no longer needed at the ferry, but it is still needed in the Stena Line Terminal. 

24. Statutory passenger data. When booking tickets, it is necessary and mandatory to fill in personal data for your ticket. Data is entered before the payment window closes when booking. When ordering a ticket and filling in personal data, you are at the same time responsible for the accuracy of personal data, and are also responsible for this in the event of a check.